Construction Services

Focusing on environmental construction:

  • Dike Construction and Repair
  • Dredging and Earth-Moving Activities
  • Land Use Controls Construction
  • Recreational Space Improvements
Highlighted Projects

Restoration of Jones Oysterbed Island Dredged Material Containment Area
SES Civil Contractors LLC - Construction ServicesJasper County, South Carolina

SCC helped raise the front perimeter dike and installed shoreline protection along the southwest side of Jones Oysterbed Island. Site preparation for over 810 acres of an interior containment area within the island included site clearing and grubbing, harvesting of earthen materials and compaction to form a raised front perimeter dike, followed by turf establishment and its maintenance.

Despite working in a wetland environment, under restrictive conditions imposed by the water-only access to this location, our team completed this project two and a half months ahead of schedule.


Shipyard Road Channel Drainage Improvements
Savannah, Georgia

As prime contractor, SCC improved drainage and flooding in this coastal area. Shipyard Channel had become overgrown with vegetation and heavy siltation had occurred, causing neighborhood flooding. By dredging the vegetation and siltation, and realigning and widening some segments of the channel, SCC improved the drainage and flood control, and minimized potential for future siltation.

Activities included:

  • Construction of access roads to the site
  • Installation of erosion controls
  • Removal of vegetation along the channel
  • Excavation/dredging the channel to remove accumulated sediments to re-establish proper channel grade
  • Widening and realigning channel segments to improve drainage and flood control
  • Proper disposal of all excavated material
  • Removal of erosion control measures
  • Revegetation of all disturbed areas


Bi-County Landfill Erosion Control
SES Civil Contractors LLC - Construction ServicesWoodlawn, Tennessee

Primary activities:

  • Preparation and negotiation of a Repair/Mitigation Plan for erosion and siltation issues
  • Implementation of the Mitigation Plan including siltation dredging, dredged material management and stabilization
  • Erosion repairs
  • Stabilization of all disturbed areas

The erosion control mitigation plan was implemented in two phases: Phase 1 was an immediate installation of best management practices (BMPs) including rock check dams, berms, silt fence diversion channels, and light grading; and Phase II included the design of a permanent sediment pond in accordance with Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) stormwater regulations. The structure was constructed along with associated drainage conveyances and appurtenances necessary to control stormwater runoff through and from the site.